CaƱamiel New Concept

Cañamiel is a concept store with a selection of unique products from a curation of Mexican and Latin designers. Handpicked products are pulled together for this multi-brand store and span different lines such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and homewares.

In 2011, Materia designed the first Cañamiel store that broke the mould of a concept store. During these years the brand experienced an evolution of its content and identity that made imminent the need to transform itself again.

The design of the new store breaks the traditional scheme where there is multiple furniture for the various products and is transformed into a single three-dimensional piece that generates spaces for living in a diverse collection and in constant interaction with people. CAÑAMIEL is a space of contemporary attitude for the identity and expression of each person and product.

The visual commitment is the maximum reduction of the materials, expressing the frank, daring and genuine character of the brand and allowing any type of product to stand out and mix with each other. The story-telling of a universe with an infinity of stories, spaces within others and constant surprise.