Pantera Artz

A concept store based on a dynamic space; whose main concept is a tunnel that leaks the view of the store giving a general overview of its products. The ceiling plays a major role, balancing the strength of concrete walls with the use of wood in a curved pergola and rusted metal, at the same time this ceiling serves as a structure and system for the lighting.

The polished concrete floor contrast with a central pattern of black and white triangles. The cutting represents a fabric that refers to the detail of the manufacture of the skin, a work 100% handmade with Mexican labor.

The design included architecture and furniture, generating sales rituals specific to the brand experience. The furniture refers to the feminine, with subtle and elegant characteristics. The brass "Rack Pantera" hang and interweave shelves wrapped in a lattice that highlights the adaptability and geometry of reptile skins. On the other hand, in the access wall used a system of "pucks" allows moving the shelves to fit the collections, providing flexibility and dynamism in the store.

The distribution of the space is: in the access, the new collections for women; subsequently the space for men, accessories, and home. At the end of the tunnel, there is a small lounge bar as a contemplation area.