TATEMAR comes from the word “tlatemati”, náhuatl for “to burn or to put on fire”. This restaurant is the newest place amid the upcoming gastronomic scene in Mérida, Yucatán. Commissioned by Oaxacan renowned chef Sara Arnaud (Apoala) the project creates a unique space where -light is to materials what fire is to food-.  The given plan shape of the space to intervene did not represent a strong party or an attractive experience. Thus, the design set the “form on fire” and with it came the idea of compression and organic expression resulting in a continuous integrated space. The materials chosen to represent their change and transition through the ideas of fire and light expressing a burnt character that morphs to the sight as the light changes from day to night. Cavities within the walls hold brighter materials symbolizing the notion of ignition. The view and perspective are guided to the great window into the kitchen where the ritual of the fire and flames of the grill can be observed, continuing up into the floating rows of clay bricks that represent the old and traditional ovens of the vernacular cooking in Mexico.