Pantera Antara

The project proposes a dynamic space by diagonal lines that create “Nest walls”. The rough stone represents the adverse context of reptiles as an analogy to our world, where the proactive woman has knocked down walls, to become who she is now.

The niches contain the product; where details in brass and textile background speak of subtlety and feminine elegance. The "Pantera Rack" hangs shelves and weaves branches to form a living lattice that emphasizes the adaptability and the perfect skin of reptiles geometry. This lattice is shown to another level as an essential element of branding and an artisanal facade.

The apartment has a floor disposition representing a tissue concerning the quality and detail of manufacture. The stony solidity is balanced with the use of a wood pergola in a ceiling that provides amplitude and serves as a mounting system for lighting. The design included all the furniture and accessories, creating specific rituals to the brand experience sale.