Alfonso Marina Show Room

We conceived the architecture of Alfonso Marina’s showroom in High Point, not only as a store but as a space that managed to express the brand’s identity. The architecture arises, firstly, from Materia’s interpretation of the brand. We understood Alfonso Marina as a centenary work based on processes, craftsmanship, wit, and attention to detail, which altogether build the brand’s legacy. These qualities made us feel related to the brand since we both capture a passion for detail in our work. This vocation drives us in a constant search for material and spatial experimentation.
Our main objective was to create spaces that gave the visitor a un unique perceptual experience, conformed by different atmospheres, which faithfully reflected the soul of the furniture. Each area follows a particular spatiality and communicates a different meaning.
The showroom not only exhibits the furniture but accomplishes, through the space, to tell a story of the brand and their creations. The furniture is shown and understood as a timeless element, an encapsulated universe of process and craftsmanship; as sacred objects with a character and stories to be told. From these ideas, the concept of the Alfonso Marina temple emerged with spaces that serve as thresholds and create a spatial sequence based on the experience of the user.