The Water Hotel

The Project resides within a 100 year old house located in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico artistically intervened by the Mexican artist of Italian origin, Pedro Friedeberg in the 20th century. As well as his art, the house has surreal elements, that will be rescued in their reconversion to a boutique hotel.

The house was perused to recognize the sensations, its smells, textures, and temperatures, for its reinterpretation in a contemporary project. The pre-existing elements were cataloged and rescued in a new concept.

In the vast pre-existent universe of unconventional elements, this surreal house lacked a basic element. It lacked water, that would become the main material of the concept. Each one of the spaces is connected through water, from bathtubs in the four rooms, pool, reflecting pool and fountains throughout, real and reality should be felt, and it should give a path within the house.