Louis Vuitton Santa Fe

This is a high-end retail shop-in-shop located in one of the most prestigious retail plazas of Mexico City in the Santa Fe neighborhood. The project entailed a full redo of the previous store. The main intention and objective were to design a porous and light skin that would speak of the craft, inspiration and aesthetics of Mexican traditional trades. The store was organized as an open plan with the merchandise and collections organized in angled and floating walls allowing for a free and less hierarchical circulation, inviting discovery.

The interior atmosphere is set by light background tones and contrasting color inherent to the products, the furniture and the selected art. Furniture selection included renowned Mexican designers and other loose pieces were custom designed for the store. Decorative art entailed a close collaboration with artisan communities from the state of Oaxaca to create unique paintings of  “alebrijes” (mythical creatures) using the brand´s iconic fabrics as canvas. Other Mexican artists were invited to intervene walls or specific works of art.



Project: 2020
Construction: Nov 2020
Team: Karla Uribe, Alejandra Alén, Mathias Henry
Photography: Jaime Navarro