Louis Vuitton Artz

The Louis Vuitton Artz store sits within one of the most iconic areas of Mexico City: Pedregal. Marked by a deep art heritage and strong architectural references such as Diego Rivera´s Studio, The National University, and the Anahuacalli Museum. This cultural background paired with the presence of volcanic stone soil helped create a unique façade concept that speaks to an urban scale and yet to the senses of a person’s experience.

Using Mexican mastery of concrete, the store rises as a monolithic element with a sharp geometry. The volume turns and folds playfully changing perspective. Its skin transitions form a solid character into a porous expressive language. The brand´s logo was abstracted to become a slight pattern on the concrete to gradient into a three-dimensional screen. Light and shadow finally emphasize this weaving accentuating depth and detail.

Project: 2017
Aug 2017- Jul 2019
Team: Maraí Flores, Carlos Pineda, Karla Uribe, María Castelazo, Miguel Reyes
Photography: Jaime Navarro, Onnis Luque